Oct 30, 2007

The 3 Columns Version of Red White Web 2.0 Template

Here is guys the 3 columns version of the popular red white blogger templates. you can see the demo here or the 2 columns demo here.


This template is athe 3 columns version of the red white template. so basically, there is nothing different on setting and or installing it.

I host all the images on my googlepages account. And because this site has so many readers and may people using my googlepages account to host their images. My googlepages account exceed it’s bandwith limit fast. So before it’s getting inaccessible, I recommend you to host all the images on your file host.

You can read how to move the images to your own host here.

Important Notes about Installing Blogger Template

1. If you failed on installing this template, read this guidance first How to Install the blogger template?
2. If your images gone? fix it here
3. If your date format error, fix it here.

Template By : http://www.jackbook.com


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