Jan 27, 2009

Fixing Blogger Sitemap Errors and Warnings Inside Google Webmaster Tools

You may know about Google Webmaster Tools. Here you can submit your blog/website sitemap to index your pages in Google. This hack is for blogger blog who get error message while submitting blogger generated 'atom.xml' feed sitemap to Google Webmaste Tools. If you are using feedburner service to redirect your blogger feeds, you will see this error message. Sitemap file for blogger blog looks like


The following Sitemap errors and warning messages are shown for my sitemap (atom.xml) in the Google WebMaster Tools , when using Blogger feeds with FeedBurner.

Even though you are submitting blogger made 'atom.xml' sitemap file to Google Webmaster Tools, its returning you with invalid XML warning message. Its because, you are using feedburner service to redirect your 'atom.xml' feed to feedburner feed.

To fix this problem, delete the existing sitemap and submit new modified atom feed sitemap url as below


Replace letter in red with your blog url

From this hack your blog Feeds will still be redirected to FeedBurner but for 'Google webmaster Tools' submitted Sitemaps, the redirection won't happen.

Submitting Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

# Go to Google Webmaster Tools Dashboard >> Sitemaps

# Enter your modified atom feed as shown in below fig. and submit it...

Here's is the new submitted sitemap with no errors and warnings. You can see the changes in feed format from RSS Feed to Atom Feed.



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